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Your ENERGY choices matter

COSI’s new Energy Explorers exhibition focuses on how energy powers the world around us-from the transportation we take, to the products we buy, to the ways we live and work. You'll learn where energy comes from, how energy powers the world, and why the energy choices you make are choices that matter.


Your energy use impacts your personal comfort and finances, friends and family, the environment, your wallet, and your planet. In the Energy Explorers Game, choose your "Energy Explorer," and make choices throughout the exhibit that challenge you to become an energy hero.

What happens during a BLACK OUT?

You may not have thought about where energy comes from, but you'll find out here. It's Electrifying: Shock yourself and your friends with an electric current. Restore the Power: There's a blackout in the neighborhood. Can you redistribute power and get the lights turned back on? May the Best Bulb Win: Use a hand crank to power incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs.

What can YOU do at home

Find out ways to save energy around the house at fun, interactive exhibits. Block That Draft! Find and seal cold air leaks with a thermal imaging camera and a caulking gun. Energy Vampires: Find the energy vampires in your house and eliminate them. Don't Run Out of Gas: Try to make it to the gas station behind the wheel of this driving game.

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Plan-it Green Game

Become the mayor of Greenville and transform your city into a fresh, thriving eco-community in Plan It Green, a new online simulation/tycoon-style game that's perfect for students from the National Geographic Society.

PlanItGreen created by National Geographic, GE, and Center of Science.

ENERGY in the news

Solar Shingles: The Future of Energy Production?

Solar shingles are a great example of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). That basically means solar panels that have been included into the original construction of a building, rather than added on after construction was completed...

How STEM Drives Business – and Our Futures

The acronym STEM has become commonplace, with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics jobs rising rapidly, paying competitively, and offering exciting and meaningful work opportunities...

STEM Rising

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, commonly known as STEM, are the essential building blocks to accomplishing the U.S. Department of Energy's mission from coast to coast...

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