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Our Partners

COSI is building a future with a network of community and statewide partnerships including relationships with a variety of educational institutions and cultural & arts partners as well as donors, sponsors, 19,000 Member households, and more than 900,000 people served per year through visits to the museum and outreach activities.

In the past few years, COSI has partnered with many local organizations as well as state agencies; a few of them are listed below. We look forward to more opportunities and discussions to deepen our ties and engagement with our community.

A Few COSI Partnerships:

COSI Partner | The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University, one of the country’s largest public research universities, and COSI, one of the nation’s largest and most innovative science centers, have formed a deep partnership — classified by some international leaders as “an example of what a 21st century science center should look like.” Building on one of the most intense partnerships known between a research university and science center, COSI and OSU have created a “center of science” at COSI where research, science, and university outreach are embedded into the fabric of everyday public, student, and family experiences. Guided by formal institutional co-commitments at the highest level, university researchers, faculty and students engage daily with the 600,000+ on-site guests to COSI and the tens of thousands engaged through interactive video conferencing outreach.


Wexner Medical Center and COSI – In Depth: Kidney Replacement Connects Live Program

COSI collaborated closely with the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University to create the COSI Connects Live program, In Depth: Kidney Replacement, where students learn about a teen’s kidney transplant story by viewing taped footage from both the donor and recipient surgeries, which are narrated live by a member of The Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Transplant Team. This program is expected to reach thousands of high school students and the general public throughout the United States. The program launched in fall 2014.


Labs in Life@COSI

COSI features three, fully-working research laboratories within the Life Exhibition area that were created jointly by COSI and The Ohio State University. The research labs are designed in such a way to put research in the midst of our guest experience and allow the public to interact with the researchers by observing, asking questions, and participating where appropriate. Current researchers are from the areas of Pharmacology, Linguistics, and Media Communications. The partnership has been extremely beneficial to both COSI and OSU making interesting projects accessible to the public. COSI guests are able to engage with working scientists in a robust and meaningful way, while OSU researchers have found that they can greatly expand the amount of research they can conduct by working on-site at COSI.


Partnership to Train STEM Professionals for Public Communication of Science

COSI works closely with various departments for The Ohio State University to train science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals for communicating science to general public audiences. Programs include:

  • Communications courses in partnership with the Linguistics, Psychology and Education: Learning & Teaching Departments where training is provided on communicating science research in informal settings with an emphasis on experience development and presentation skills.
  • Portal to the Public program where cohorts of scientists work with COSI Educators who provide training to prepare them to share their research with public audiences through engaging and interactive experiences. Part of the experience to present their research to the public during one of COSI’s quarterly Science Days.
  • Pharmacy student rotation through the Pharmacology Lab in Labs in Life@COSI providing students with the opportunity to interact with guests and further develop their skills to communicate science and drug information to the public.